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What is Mobigater?
How it works?
How to Get Started?
Step-by-Step Installation
Installing MobiGater software
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Inserting the SIM card in the MobiGater device
Hardware installation
Hardware re-installation if USB port is changed
Starting MobiGater software for the first time
Configuration of the MobiGater software
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- |Skype™ To Phone|
- |Phone To Skype™|
How to set-up Skype™?
How to receive a call?
How to call a Skype™ user?
How to call a SkypeOut number?
Dialing Tips
Useful commands
Technical Specifications
Software Requirements
Technical Recommendations
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What is MobiGater?

MobiGater is a Skype™ to GSM and GSM to Skype™ gateway. This unique device connects your mobile phone to your home computer or notebook that runs Skype™. MobiGater enables you to make cheap calls to your Skype™ contacts as well as to cellular and fixed-line phones all over the world via your mobile phone. All of this is possible without the need to sit in front of your computer. It is also very easy for other people to reach you.


MobiGater combines all the specific advantages of mobile phones and Skype™ telephony. With our device you benefit from:
+ The mobility of a GSM user
+ The Free Skype™ and cheap SkypeIn/Out calls
+ All-round availability

How it works?

Main Features
- MobiGater is a device which transfers calls between your Skype™ account and your mobile phone. It comes with a software which has to be installed only on the computer running your Skype™. In order to use MobiGater you don't have to install any software on your mobile phone or change the way you use it. Therefore you can use a mobile phone from any model.

Transfer incoming Skype™ and SkypeIn calls to a single mobile phone number (MobiGater Plus and MobiGater Pro)
Make outgoing Skype™ calls from different mobile phone numbers (MobiGater Plus and MobiGater Pro)
Make SkypeOut calls to cellular phones and fixed lines from different mobile phone numbers (MobiGater Plus and MobiGater Pro)
Transfer incoming Skype™ calls to different mobile phones (Skype™ PBX Function) (MobiGater Pro)
Transfer incoming SkypeIn calls to different mobile phones (Skype™ PBX Function) (MobiGater Pro)

Extra Feature
- Switch a call from your PC audio device to your mobile phone during active Skype™ conversation
This feature is very useful when you need to leave your computer during active Skype™ conversation. With both MobiGater Plus and MobiGater Pro you can switch the call from your headset to your mobile phone and continue talking while moving.

How to Get Started?

To start using MobiGater, you need:
* One extra SIM card for the MobiGater device
We recommend choosing a calling plan which offers cheap calls between subscriptions on the same network. This can be either some business or family plan or some other group with low internal call rates. The cheaper the calls between these SIM cards - the bigger the benefit from using MobiGater.
* MobiGater software installation
The MobiGater software, included in the packing, has to be installed on your PC that runs Skype™. The installation is easy, with a very user-friendly interface. No additional software is required for your mobile phone.
* Configure MobiGater software
The minimum needed configuration is to define the mobile phone number(s) that can access your MobiGater device.


Step-by-step installation:

Imprtant: If you don't have Skype installed on your PC, download last version from and install it before continuing with MobiGater instalaltion!!!

Please, do not connect the MobiGater device to your PC prior to installing the MobiGater software!

Insert the CD in your PC's CD-ROM device and the installation program will start automatically.

If it doesn't start automatically, please run Autorun.exe from the main folder of the CD.

(MobiGater software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, if you don't have it installed with the ordinary Windows updates, please press first the [Install .Net 2.0] and install it.)

Press on [Install MobiGater] to start the MobiGater software installation.


Installing MobiGater software

The Installation preparation appears.

Welcome installation screen.

Press [Next].

Option to select a different installation folder.

Press [Next].

Options to remove shortcuts.

Press [Next].

Installation confirmation.

Press [Next].

Wait for installation process.

Software installation complete.

Press [Close].

Settings Wizard


Press [Next].

Enter MobiGater's SIM card PIN code.

Press [Next].

Enter your mobile phone's number. (International format, starting with +...)

Press [Next]

Set forward after parameter.

Press [Next].

Choose which phone numbers can access MobiGater.

Press [Next].

If you were set "Receive calls only from:" on previous step:
Write phone number and press [Add].

Press [Next].

Phone number added.
Repeat the previous step for all phone numbers allowed accessing MobiGater device.

Press [Next].

Phone Divert.
Important: This is special mode and commonly you must not set "Redirect only to" option!
This option is used only if want to divert (redirect, forward) incoming GSM calls to other Skype user or SkypeOut number.

Press [Finish].

(If you still have "Installation Complete" window (installation program was not closed before the Settings Wizard appears), press [Close] now.)

Press [Exit] to close the CD installation (if installation was started from from CD's autorun).

Inserting the SIM card in the MobiGater device.

There is a small cover on the bottom side of the MobiGater device.
Move the "cover" in the direction from "" to "".
Move the "SIM card holder" in the direction "OPEN".
Insert the SIM card.
Close the SIM card holder in the direction "CLOSE".
Insert the "cover" back in its initial position.


Hardware installation. Connecting the MobiGater Device.

Connect the antenna to the MobiGater (3)

Connect the MobiGater (small USB slot (2)) using the USB cable to your PC's USB port (4).

Connect the power adapter to the MobiGater (1), then connect the power cable to the adapter and then plug the power cable into the power supply.

(This procedure is also applied if MobiGater device is plugged in different USB port. Hardware re-installation.)

If Windows asks you to search in Internet (Windows Update) for drivers, please select "* No, not this time".

Select "* Install the software automatically (Recommended)"

Press [Next].

Wait for MobiGater UART process installation.

If "Windows Logo testing" appears ...

Press [Continue Anyway].

MobiGater UART hardware installation finished.

Press [Finish].

Please, wait for The USB Audio Card hardware installation.

USB Audio Card hardware installation finished.


Starting MobiGater software for the first time

Start your Skype™ and sign in using your username and password ("Online" mode).
Run the MobiGater software from "[Start] button > Programs > Eurodesign > MobiGater" or from Desktop icon

MobiGater startup splash will appear.

The first time you start the MobiGater software, Skype™ will request from you to allow its access.

Select the top option "* Allow this program to use Skype" and press [OK].

Installation of "MobiGater Audio for Skype" appears:

Press [Next] to start instalaltion.

Instalaltion preocess.

Wait until installing ...

If "Windows Logo testing" appears ...

Press [Continue Anyway].

If "Windows Logo testing" appears for MobiGater Audio ...

Press [Continue Anyway].

"MobiGater Audio for Skype" installation complete.

Press [Finish].

If your SIM card has a PIN code, the program will request it at the first startup.

Enter the PIN code and press [OK].

Important: MobiGater sets automatically the Skype™ software to use MobiGater's Sound Card (MobiGater Audio For Skype) in order to make the call transfer. If you want to make or receive calls when you are in front of the PC, please plug in your headphones and microphone directly into the MobiGater device.

When a new USB Audio Device is plugged into PC, Windows automatically set is as a default Audio Device. (This is Windows procedure and can't be avoided.) In order to listen music on your computer speakers (PC's Audio Card), you need to set up your desired Sound Card from "Control Panel" > "Sound and Audio Devices" > "|Audio|" section.
MobiGater program will show Windows's "Sound and Audio Devices" properties on every start if "MobiGater Audio for Skype" is default audio device in order to change it to your PC's Audio Card.

Set your PC's Audio Card.

The program will appear in the system tray (near the clock icon) with sign.

After a couple of seconds, the icon will turn red.

Open the MobiGater program with a mouse click on the systray icon.

Setting up the program language

The start-up language of the MobiGater program is "English" by default.
To change it, please open the "Languages" tab (3rd menu) and choose one of the other available languages.


Main screen |Contacts| tab
Shows Skype™ contacts and Speed-Dials.

1. Network indicator - shows network signal strength
2. Transfer a call to a mobile - manually transfer a call to Mobile phone if the call is accepted via Skype™ program and you want to continue your conversation through your mobile phone or if |Skype™ to Phone| is disabled.
3. Skype™ status - shows and change Skype™ status.
4. Redirect after - shows and change "Redirect Afer" parameter from |Skype™ To Phone| settings.

On "Skype™ status" line also mesasage "waiting API" can be shown if Skype™ API access is requested from "Mobigater.exe" and "API refused" - if Skype™ API access is refused. To allow access open Skype™ program: Tools > Options... > Advanced > Advanced settings > Manage other programs' access to Skype > Mobigater.exe > [Change] > Allow this program to use Skype.

Main screen |History| tab
Shows MobiGater's events history.

5. Load, Save and Clear History.


Configuration of the MobiGater software

Open |Tools| > Settings menu.

|General| submenu:

"Start On Windows Log On!" - MobiGater software will start up automatically when Windows logs on.
Recommended: checked

"Auto Update On!" - automatically updates the MobiGater software if a new version is available (once per day).
Recommended: checked (At the moment this option is not available.)

"Allow Hibernate, Stand By!" - this option removes the restriction of the MobiGater to keep Windows alive.
Recommended: not checked

"SIM Card PIN Code" - enter the SIM card PIN code. (if a SIM card PIN code request is enabled).
Recommended: enter the SIM card PIN code

"Country code" - enter your contry code. (example 44 for UK)
"Local Area Code" - enter your local area code. (example 20 for London)
Recommended: Country and Local area codes are not required. If they are entered ( 44 and 20) and you dial:
*123456# - MobiGater will dial via SkypeOut 00442012345
*0201123456# - MobiGater will dial via SkypeOut 00449912345

"Reset Defaults" - reset all settings to default values. Settings Wizard can be used for guided configure. (menu Tools > Settings Wizard).

|Connection| submenu:

* AutoDetect Mobigater
Recommended: Use "AutoDetect Mobigater"

* Manual Device Detect
Please, use the "Manual Device Settings" option only if the MobiGater program has problem finding the MobiGater device (MobiGater icon in the System Tray is in gray color and shows "MobiGater Unplugged").
Select "Manual Device Settings".
Press [Refresh].
Set "Audio Device" on "MobiGater Audio for Skype".
Set "Serial Port" on COM port where "MobiGater UART" is connected.
Press [Connect].

"MobiGater UART"'s COM port can be found in "Control Panel" > System > |Hardware| > [Device Manager] > Ports (COM&LPT) > MobiGater UART (COM?). If there is no "MobiGater UART" check if MobiGater device is connected: POWER and USB leds are on. This may occur if you were connect MobiGater Device before CD instalaltion, in that situation you have see "Unknown Device" section in "Device Manager" (or "USB device" in "Ports (COM & LPT)" section in "Device Manager"), select uknown device with second mouse button and choose "Update Driver..." option to continue with
Hardware installation, If this still solve problem, please connect with Technical Help.

|Skype™ To Phone| submenu:

* Personal Mode

Incoming Skype™ calls will be forwarded via MobiGater's SIM card to the phone number.
This option is available in MobiGater Plus and Pro versions.

"Forward To" - the mobile phone number that will receive the incoming Skype™ calls.
Important: The phone number entered has to be in an international format. (Starting with "+...").
Recommended: enter your mobile phone number.

"Forward After" - forwards the incoming Skype™ calls after a given number of Skype™ rings.
(Recommended: Direct Forward)
In the Personal Mode, the Skype™ contact calling will be displayed on a Chat message:
Please hold the line. MobiGater is transferring your Skype™ call to the user's mobile phone free of charge.

"Disable" - disables forwarding of all incoming Skype™ calls to the user's mobile phone.

"Set Message" - can customize the initial chat message.

How it works:
When somebody calls the MobiGater's Skype™, he/she will receive a chat "Message" and MobiGater will forward (depending "Forward After") the call to "Forward To" number.


|Phone To Skype™| submenu:

Configure who can use MobiGater to make outgoing Skype™ and SkypeOut calls.

Incoming phone calls can be accepted by:
* "Receive calls from any phone" - Everyone who calls your MobiGater (SIM card number) can use the device.


* "Receive calls only from" - In this case you can:
[Add] - add phone number.
Important: The phone number entered has to be in an international format. (Starting with "+...").
[Edit] - select a phone number and change it.
[Delete] - select a phone number and and remove it.
Recommended: Choose "Receive calls only from", then add only your mobile phone number.

"Enable AutoDialing" - dials entered digits if no user input for some time.

"Redirect only to" - additional option, which forwards the incoming GSM phone call on the MobiGater SIM card number (allowed by "Receive calls from any phone" or "Receive calls only from") to either a SkypeName or a phone number (SkypeOut credit required).
Recommended: not checked, SkypeName is not entered.
Attention: Do not enter your SkypeName (the one that is running on your computer with the MobiGater)!

For example this option is useful to avoid roaming charges when you are abroad. Put your personal SIM card in the MobiGater device. Check this option and enter an international phone number of you foreign phone (mobile or landline) number. Everybody who calls your mobile phone number will be transfer via SkypeOut to your foreign phone number.You will pay only SkypeOut rate to foreign phone number.

How to set-up Skype™?

Set Speed-Dial on your contacts. Right-click
with the mouse on a Skype™ contact and select
"Set Speed-Dial" from the menu.
Speed-Dials have to be between 1 and 99.

How to receive a call?

If somebody calls on your Skype™, you will receive
the call as an incoming mobile phone call so you
just have to answer it as a normal one.
For the incoming calls, you will only a pay a rate
between the "MobiGater's SIM" and "your
mobile phone's SIM" card.

How to call a Skype™ user?

Dial your MobiGater SIM card number.
Wait until a connection is established.
Dial * for a beginning.
Dial a desired Speed-Dial from 1 to 99.
Dial # for end of dialing.

When calling Skype™ users, you pay only a rate
between "your mobile phone's SIM" and "your
MobiGater's SIM" card.

How to call a SkypeOut number?

> Dial your MobiGater SIM card number.
Wait until a connection is established.
Dial * for a beginning.
Dial a full international format number starting
with 00...
Dial # for end of dialing.
When calling a landline or mobile phone number using SkypeOut, you only pay a rate between "your mobile phone's SIM" and "MobiGater's SIM" card plus the rate SkypeOut per minute to the desired destination. The complete SkypeOut rates are available on


Tips for Short SkypeOut Dialing

Short dialing without country code and area code:
- If dialed number is without leading 00 and it is 5 or more digits long, MobiGater will add Country code and Area Code from
|General| settings.
- If dialed number is with one 0 and it is 5 or more digits long, MobiGater will add Country code from |General| settings.
Examples (if Country Code is 44 (UK) and Area code is 201 (London) are entered in |General| settings):
*123456# - MobiGater will dial via SkypeOut 004420112345
*02019876543# - MobiGater will dial via SkypeOut 00442019876543

Tips for Fast Dialing

You can dial automatically MobiGater's SIM and Speed-dial/SkypeOut number (also you can save these enties in your phone's PhoneBook):
0551234567p*89# - MobiGater will dial Skype™ Contact with Speed-Dial 89
0551234567p*45689# - MobiGater will dial SkypeOut number +CountryCodeAreaCode456789
0551234567p*0201456789# - MobiGater will dial SkypeOut number +CountryCode201456789
0551234567p*0012345678901# - MobiGater will dial SkypeOut number +0012345678901

0551234567 is used as example for MobiGater's SIM card number
"p" is "pause", it can be entered on:
Nokia: by pressing the "*" key three times
SonyEricsson, Samsung, Motorola: by holding the "*" key
Panasonic: by holding the "0" key
Siemens: by pressing the "0" key twice (it uses "+" instead of "p")
(for other devices, please look at your mobile phone's manual)

Useful commands

The Commands can be sent while having an active call with the MobiGaters' SIM card.

Change Skype™ status:
*010# - Change Skype™ status to "Offline"
*011# - Change Skype™ status to "Online"
*012# - Change Skype™ status to "Skype Me"
*013# - Change Skype™ status to "Away"
*014# - Change Skype™ status to "Not Available"
*015# - Change Skype™ status to "Invisible"
*016# - Change Skype™ status to "Do Not Disturb"

Resent calls:
*071# - Call the last missed call from Skype™ user. (10 store positions)
*072# - Call the last received call Skype™ user. (10 store positions)
*073# - Call the last dialed Skype™ user. (10 store positions)

During an active Skype™ call, when you don't have any user on you contact list, you can store his username and call him later.
*08x# - Store FlushDial (x is from 0 to 9).
*09x# - Call the stored FlashDial (x is from 0 to 9)

Technical Specifications

GSM Network Type: GSM Phase 2/2+
GSM Module: 900/1800/1900Mhz Compatibility
SIM Card: plug-in; 1.8V or 3V
Dialing format: DTMF
Temperature Range: 0-45°C, 32-113°F
Consumption: Stand-By: 350mW; In Call: 2W
Maximum Relative Humidity: 95%
Dimensions: (W x D x H): 190 x 135 x 40mm

Connectors: USB cable between PC and MobiGater
USB Host Ports x2 (optional)
PWR Supply: DC PWR jack
Antenna: SMA Female
3.5mm Stereo Jack x2 (Line Out, Microphone)

Software Requirements

Processor 800MHz or faster
RAM 256 MB or more Microsoft Windows XP or 2003 (32bit)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Skype™ version 3.x.x.x or later ( is minimum but not all funcitions will work)

Technical Recommendations

* We recommend the use of the long antenna (the one with the cable) to assure a better coverage of the MobiGater.
- place the antenna as far as possible from the MobiGater.
- make sure that there are no tv/audio receivers and monitors near the antenna Otherwise a signal disturbance can appear.
* We recommend that PC's and MobiGater's power supplies are in the same power network (same wall-plug) to prevent damages of the device.
* Don't pull out/insert the SIM card during the operation of the device.
* Don't plug the MobiGater power supply before inserting the SIM card and connecting the USB cable to the computer.
* Don't disconnect or switch off the MobiGater device during an active call
* When a new USB Audio Device is plugged into the PC, Windows automatically sets it as a default Audio Device. (This is a Windows procedure and can't be avoided.) In order to listen to music on your computer speakers, you need to set up your desired Sound Card from the "Control Panel" > "Sound and Audio Devices" > "|Audio|" section.
* MobiGater software uses a MobiGater's Sound Card (MobiGater Audio For Skype) in order to make a call transfer. If you want to place a call or receive a call in front of your PC, please plug your Headphones and Microphone directly intothe MobiGater device.
* Skype™ can be set to use only one Sound Card. If you have another USB Audio Card's device (for example USB Phone or USB Headsets) you can not use it at the same time with MobiGater.
* The two extra USB ports can be used to connect a desired USB 1.1 devices.
* If your PC is turned off or is in a standby mode, the MobiGater device will not transfer the call (active internet connection is required).
* The MobiGater device works ONLY with GSM networks operating under 900, 1800 or 1900 MHz band. Please, check if your Mobile Phone Operator supports this bands.
* The MobiGater does not work with the CDMA network.
* If a Skype™ user calls while a MobiGater conversation is under the way, the line will ring busy and it won't be able to establish a connection.
* Keep in mind that if you travel abroad and make/receive a call to/from your MobiGater, you will be charged extra for roaming by your Mobile Phone Operator.
* MobiGater and Skype™ require a connection speed of 24kbps - 128kbps

Technical Help

If you need technical help contact us:
Skype™: MobiGater